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 Olivette P. Myers


I am a wife, mother, educator and advocate of social emotional wellness. I have B.A. in Psychology and a M.A in Counseling. I have worked in the Behavioral health field as a Therapist. I am a certified  Career Development Coordinator and I have served as an advisor for numerous national prevention and mentoring models

( Best Friends, Right Moves for Youth, Bell Enrichment Program) that have been paramount in impacting the lives of thousands of young people across America. I have extensive experience working with students in the areas of self-esteem, self regulation, anxiety, academic motivation, conflict resolution, and classroom management.  I am trained in the techniques of Restorative Practices, The Care Curriculum, SPARCS, and Teach Like a Champion. My passion and experience has enabled me to share best practices to educators and share the importance of social emotional wellness in the home, classroom and school environment.

As a National Board Certified educator I have been successfully counseling and coaching clients and facilitating their self growth. My services aim to introduce clarity, self motivation and self awareness so that students and teachers can learn to manage the emotional stress of everyday life. I am proud to be a coach capable of building strong connections and relationships with students, parents and educators. I am dedicated to delivering strategies that will enhance and restore joy and fulfillment through my private coaching sessions, group sessions and workshops.

 Being the child of two educators and married to an educator for over 20 years, I have spent my entire life surrounded by people advocating for the well being of children. My life's mission is to work tirelessly to teach, model and coach the message of positive thinking, social emotional wellness and dream manifestation. My gift is to inspire others to achieve greatness and that inspiration can only be passed on when you have the tools to inspire yourself!

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