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 You ready to walk into your classroom
as a "Boss" but need some
Social Emotional Support?

Does this sound like you?

I have good lessons but I cant keep the students' attention.

I spend so much time trying to get my students to be engaged.

It seems as though time flies before I can finish my lesson.

The students have so many mental health needs I don't know what to do.

I sometimes feel discouraged like I do not get anything accomplished.


I know exactly how you feel when you have done all you know how to do and still are not able to  get the results you want. Then you start to second guess yourself and your confidence is lacking. You have a content coach but they do not seem to know how to help you with the social emotional challenges you are experiencing with your students and now with yourself. It can be difficult to address these issues without support from a coach with a background in mental health and social emotional learning. That's why I created The BeInspirED Teacher course to assist new teachers  with the right tools to transform their classrooms, build up their confidence, inspire them to do what they love and feel prepared everyday when they enter their classrooms.  


Who am I?

I am Olivette Myers, a School Counselor and now an Education Consultant and Entrepreneur who helps

New Teachers thrive in their classrooms.

This may sound really mushy but nothing brings me more joy than seeing others evolve into the best version of themselves. I am obsessed with movies, TV shows, places, people, books, experiences that highlight the journey to enlightenment and purpose. I want it for myself, I want it for my children, my family and friends. As a School Counselor, I wanted it for my students, parents and the teachers. Pretty much I want it for everyone. Finding your gift and purpose takes time and a lot of self-work.

After 25+ years as an educator, and parent, the world has certainly changed in so many ways. The impact of this rapid change has  challenged us and stretched us. It has struck us at our core and rattled the social emotional wellness of  students, parents and educators. Having personally experienced periods of burnout, observed and listened to the testimonials of staff and listened to stories of student anxiety, depression, lack of self regulation, self efficacy and most importantly, the  loss of JOY first hand, drove me to action. I knew I needed to change with the times, do something different to provide meaningful, socially relevant, research based strategies to help myself and Teachers to improve our mindsets, personal growth and connections. So, what did I do? I founded BeInspirED Teacher.


The goal of BeInspirED Teacher is to transform new teacher's lives and learning environments into amazing, safe, interactive, spaces that are anchored in JOY, STRONG CONNECTIONS, and  AUTHENTICITY between people. 

I am incredibly excited to extend, stretch, reach, grow, serve, inspire and continue to walk in my gift to empower teachers to become great teachers. Come on and join me. It's going to be life changing!

 Warm Regards,                                                                                                                           



BeInspirED Teacher

Take a look at our course offerings

Self Awareness

Identify, Clarify and Own It.

Understand how you show up in your class and what you can do to make it better.

Self Management

Get your Teacher life together  by mastering your time, stress level and organizational skills.

Social Awareness

Can we all just get along?   Build a socially emotional safe space for all students..


What does being a reflective teacher look like and why is it important? Become more self aware and productive as a Teacher.

Goal Alignment

Find the value in setting and executing weekly goals with fidelity.

Time Management

Master your focus to have more time to do what is important to you.


Create effective classroom organizational systems, behavior charts and seating plans

Understand Accommodations

Understand the in and outs of behavior plans, IEP's and 504 plans.

Classroom Culture

Develop strategies to build community with a diverse group of  students .

Self Regulation

Learn how to use your wise mind instead of letting your emotions take over.

Stress Management

Incorporate healthy ways to identify and  manage your stress

SEL Integration

Learn how to integrate SEL seamlessly into your content.

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